OA SEA Churches Ignited by Pentecost Retreats to Spread Forth the Gospel of Salvation

Over the recent Pentecost weekend, retreats were held across the Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia (OA SEA) churches to meditate deeply on the person and works of the Holy Spirit, as local congregations witness the active work of Spirit with young members committing their lives to participate in the urgent work of saving souls.

Seeking to inherit the passion of the Early Church to be the Lord’s witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8), OA SEA churches came together in the form of retreats to study the book of Acts intensively, while also participating in prayer meetings to intercede for each other and for the Gospel work taking place in their mission fields.

Commemorating the first-ever Day of Pentecost when the Early Church witnessed the starting of the new era where the Holy Spirit came upon them that also marked as the official birth of the Church, the retreats also served as scenes of thanksgiving and reaffirmation for world mission, with the Holy Spirit convicting hearts to repent to God and spread His Good News in their respective mission fields.

May the fire of Holy Spirit that have been ignited in the hearts of OA SEA churches during this Pentecost weekend continue to spread forth widely across the region, so that many wandering souls will have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God without hindrance.